Message from Ocean Audio

All Ocean Audio products were designed and built by Malcolm Toft.
When Malcolm retired from pro audio manufacturing in 2015, production of all original Ocean Audio products stopped.

New and improved products have been developed, and are available.
To avoid all confusion between Malcolm Toft built products, and the new improved products,
we changed the brand name from Ocean Audio to Interphase Audio.

You can find more information about the Interphase Audio products at this website.
Information about Ocean Audio products can be found in the
Archive section.

Please feel free to
contact us for any additional information.

Best Regards
The Interphase Audio / Ocean Audio crew

We are Interphase Audio
We design and hand-build unique pro audio gear

With respect for decades of recording technology, but updated for todays workflow.
Custom analogue recording consoles, high-end outboard gear in 19 inch, 500-series and 51x-series format
All designed from the ground up with todays workflow in mind.

There are plenty of manufacturers who build copies of vintage analogue gear.
We are not one of them.
All our products are original and unique, designed for today.

The Ark console has it’s own website.
There is so much to tell, and so much information that it would make the main Interphase Audio website much too heavy.
The links below will take you to the Ark Console website or to the product pages on this site.